On this page you will find all you need to know about creating Custom Techniques. Please note that there are not only rules to the techniques themselves, but there are a few rules about posting them as well.

  • You may only successfully post a Royality Attack/Form once every 5 days.
  • You may post a custom technique at anytime, however once posted and approved, you will have to wait at least 15 days if you would like to have it changed/removed.
  • You may not use a custom technique in battle until it has been approved by a qualified staff member.

To create Custom Techniques, you must follow all of the rules listed below.

  1. Custom Techniques cannot give effects outside of battle, such as granting the user permanent stats, crests, Royalty Tokens, etc.
  2. Custom Techniques cannot grant the character immortality, auto-hit, or any other effect that would allow the character to become "Over-Powered."
  3. You may a Custom Technique for any of the following attack-types; Manifesto Requiem, Manifesto A, Manifesto B, Royality Attack/Counter-Attack, Royality Transformation, and Divinea.
  4. You may only create 1 custom Royality Transformation and Divinea, 2 of each Manifesto types, and up to 5 Royality Attack/Counter-Attacks. Note: You may still only bring 1 Royality Attack/Counter-Attack into a battle with you.
  5. Divineas and Manifestos may have 1 Pro or 2 Pros and 1 Con.
  6. Manifestos may only have a booster of up to 25% and a Divinea may only have a booster of up to 50%. Any status-ailment inflicting effects can only have a maximum of 10% chance to inflict and a maximum potency of 5%.
  7. Royality Attacks/Counter-Attacks/Transformations may have up to 5 Pros, but for every Pro you must have a con.
  8. A single Pro may not have a booster of over 50%, however you are allowed to use multiple pros to increase this cap. For example, if you wanted a transformation to have a 100% boost to your Max Stamina, you could do so, however it would have to be listed as 2 separate Pros. You can also simply say "Increases Max Stamina by 100% [x2 Pros]."
  9. Once you've posted your attack(s)/transformation, notify an admin or approved content mod to check them. The admin is allowed to determine if an attack/form is too strong/weak and will recommend changes if determined to be so.