The fauna in this planet is vicious. The only reason that someone rational would visit it, was if the hunting of such beasts fascinated them. There are large reptiles, that make the dinosaurs of earth look like toys. And for those who want a harder challenge, there are primitive centaur-like beings dwelling here, possessed of a top notch killer instinct, and living only for the thrill of the kill.

The waters are no less dangerous, and the skies while seemingly peaceful, are fraught with predators that fly into view faster than you can scream like a little girl. There is a large variety of biomes present, highly forested areas, deserts, arctic zones, tropics, and even barren rock-filled wastes. Looks perfect for disposing the bodies of your dead rivals, don't you think? Who'd go around looking for a corpse, in a danger filled world like this.

You may battle here.

  • Battle Slot 1
  • Battle Slot 2
  • Battle Slot 3
  • Battle Slot 4

Battle Edit

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